One-Stop Gynaecology

Mr. Parijat Bhattacharjee recognises that improvements in health care can be demonstrated by one-stop investigations and treatments.
One-stop gynaecology is a unique concept where investigations and treatments are offered within minimal appointments, thus saving time and costs. He believes in ensuring that every visit to see a Consultant must be as fruitful as possible.
Most of Mr Bhattacharjee’s Gynaecology clinics are ‘One Stop Clinics‘.

One-stop Gynaecology clinics are helpful for investigating and treating :

Pelvic pain

Ovarian Cysts


Menstrual irregularities

Painful periods

Heavy periods or very light periods

Polycystic ovaries

Cancer Screening

Ovarian Cancer Screen

Endometrial Cancer Screen

At the one-stop Gynaecology clinic, the following can all be undertaken at the same visit:

1.Taking a detailed history and examination

3.Gynaecological ultrasound scan done by the Consultant.

5.In most instances, therefore, a diagnosis, investigations and treatment are completed at the same visit. If a surgery is necessary, it can be discussed on the same day so that women and couples can go home to decide on the best options.

2.Necessary investigations

4.In many instances, treatment can be given at the same time as the examination and the scan, e.g. Mirena Intrauterine device insertion, medical management of heavy bleeding that can be helpful in many cases of irregular bleeding or pelvic pain or for contraception.